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Setting up a modern pharmaceutical factory


CJSC "Escolit" implements EU structural funds-financed project No. 03.3.1-LVPA-K-803-02-0051 "Setting up a modern pharmaceutical factory". The total value of the project is EUR 3,847,758.00, of which EUR 1,500,000 is EU structural support funds (European Regional Development Fund).


CJSC "Escolit" was founded by Lithuanian and Ukrainian shareholders to develop scientific research and experimental development activities in the fields of medicine and pharmacology.


As part of the "Setting up a modern pharmaceutical factory" project, CJSC "Escolit" is planning to purchase modern pharmaceutical production equipment and establish a modern pharmaceutical factory that will produce generic and later innovative drugs developed by the company's own scientists. The portfolio of manufactured drugs will consist of 3 types of drugs: generic pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs, drugs for the treatment of cardiac disorders, antibiotics, and anti-tuberculosis drugs. During the project, 64 new job places will be created for the implementation of the project. After installing new and modern production equipment and starting the production of medicines, the goal of the project will be achieved - increasing the company's work productivity.


After the implementation of the project, the aim will be to further increase production capacity, invest in the development and renewal of infrastructure, expand the range of manufactured products, export markets for products. New innovative anti-tuberculosis drugs will be developed, as well as the installation of a production line for liquid drug forms to be able to offer products in different drug forms to the market and to expand the range of drugs. By increasing investments, new job places will be created. By investing in new equipment and equipment modernization, the company will achieve its goal - to become one of the largest manufacturers of generic and innovative drugs operating in the market of the CIS countries.


Project implementation period: 11/08/2017 – 15/09/2022

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